In the mid-80’s, after leaving teaching, Boisvert entirely dedicates himself to his art. He exhibits in his room, in art galleries and during exhibitions and events, with some happening outside of his area.

Lancement de "52 peintres 52 couleurs"

Lancement de « 52 peintres 52 couleurs »

In 1987, he is published in Louis Bruens’s book « 52 peintres, 52 couleurs du Québec ». The following year, he is again published in the book « investir dans les œuvres d’art » from the same author.

A few years later, in 1993, he begins doing major exhibitions in the art gallery’s network and his participation in Symposiums is sought after. His work is in demand and he produces greeting cards, lithographs and even a jigsaw puzzle sold on a large scale. Soon, large companies, associations and municipal, provincial and federal governments acquire his paintings, either to exhibit them in their offices or to offer them to figures as a gift of recognition.

In 1998, Gaston Therrien’s book « Boisvert 1967-1997 » is published in hindsight of the artist’s career. The book presents images and a detailed descriptions of the stages of his life and career. The book is also available on CD, in digital version.

At the beginning of the century, the work of Boisvert is recognized and exposed in art galleries throughout Canada and a few of his works are also exposed in the United States, in Japan and in Europe.